Current Projects

Six Inch Precision Machinist Square Spring/Summer 2020

A few years ago I took a five day course on hand scraping taught by Richard King of King Way Scraping Consultants. It is a skill that seems to be going by the way side in today’s world of CNC machines and precision grinding services but for a home shop machinist that enjoys bringing older machines back to service it is a vital skill. In my quest to improve my scraping skills I picked up a casting from Clarke Esterling, the proprietor of Windy Hill Foundry in Cooperville, Mississippi. It is a six inch machinist square and I wanted to rough machine it and then scrape it in to be within fifty millionths of an inch flat and square. I had a bit of a Bozo moment on the workholding for the rough machining but recovered and got the job done… Then it was off to hand scraping the rough machined faces. I used both a BIAX machine scraper and shop made hand scraper to bring the surfaces to the precision that I wanted.