Machine Tools

When you start restoring antique motorcycles and vintage sports cars you start running into a parts problem….more like a lack of parts problem. The best way to solve that is make your own parts. That takes some metalworking machines and a little know how. I started with a small Atlas 6 inch lathe, then bought a Southbend 9 inch lathe, a Bridgeport J Head milling machine, a Southbend 7 inch shaper, a Sheldon Model O horizontal milling machine and other various machines. I enjoyed restoring them so much that another hobby got added to my list of interests.

Atlas 618 Lathe
Southbend 9A
Same Southbend 9A Restored and ready for a new home
Bridgeport J Head Milling Machine
Boyar Shultz 612 Surface Grinder
Southbend 9A 4 Foot Bed Lathe
Southbend 7 inch Shaper, Sheldon Mill, Gorton Pantograph

Walker Turner 15 Inch Drill Press

Craftsman 150 Drill Press

1954 Southbend Heavy 10