Vintage Motorcycles

My stepdad always had antique motorcycles when I was growing up and as with everything else he was interested in I got into it as well. My journey started out with a Suzuki 50cc at the age of 15 or so, then a Bridgestone 150 twin. My last Japanese bike was a Yamaha KZ400 which I drove cross country from Denver, CO through Indianapolis, IN to Columbus AFB, MS. That trip took it’s toll on the bike and I don’t think it ever ran the same afterwards. Ended up giving it away to one of the guys moving us from Las Vegas to Washington, DC.

The modern chapter of my motorcycle escapades started shortly before Art passed away when I was helping him finish the restoration of his 1928 Indian Scout. We were able to get most of it done before he passed and I have been finishing it off little by little ever since. When Art passed away he wanted me to have the Indian, his 1929 Harley Davidson “B” Single and a 1967 Harley 250 SS Sprint. I still have all of those bikes and added a 1967 Ducati 160 Monza Jr project to my stable.

I will expand on the stories behind each of the bikes in a future post.